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Greek Alumni

Coming soon! This will be the place for all things Greek Alumni! We'll post updates and event information here. Stay tuned for more details... until then, enjoy these nice photos of our Greek houses. 

Greek Organizations

Adelphic Alpha Pi was founded in 1862 as a literary society and is open to the men of Olivet College. The fraternity motto is Semper Fidelis, always faithful. It is the brother organization to Sigma Beta.


Alpha Lambda Epsilon was founded in 1922 as a sorority. The society reorganized its membership in 1975 to admit men, thus becoming the first co-educational literary/social society in the nation. The society motto is Bear Well the Torch. Alpha Lambda Epsilon is the cousin organization to Kappa Sigma Alpha.


Alpha Phi Kappa was established in 1997 to promote better understanding between cultures and endorse brotherhood among its membership.


Alpha Xi Omega, also known as ELITE, was founded as a club in the 1970s and became a society during the 1995 fall semester. Elite works to create a better understanding among all students at Olivet in the areas of diversity and multicultural awareness.


Eta Psi Kappa was established in 2001 to promote unity of all women on campus. The society motto is The Righteous Endure till Judgment.


Kappa Sigma Alpha was founded in 1922 and is the cousin organization to Alpha Lambda Epsilon. The fraternity motto is Wisdom Conquers All.


Mu Omega Pi was established in 2001 to assist young men in growth and development through leadership, brotherhood and spirituality. Their motto is Striving for Perfection.


Nu Gamma Xi was founded in 1997 by 12 women. Their purpose is to promote unity, sisterhood and high academic standards among women with similar interests. They are the sisters of Alpha Xi Omega.

Phi Alpha Pi was founded in 1847 and is the oldest society on the Olivet College campus. In 1861, Phi Alpha Pi became a literary society. The fraternity motto is Progress, Truth and Friendship. The fraternity is the brother organization to Soronian.


Sigma Beta was founded in 1907 by three Olivet College women as a literary society. The house was completed in 1963. Their motto is Friends of the Best. Sigma Beta is the sister society to Adelphic Alpha Pi.


Soronian also known as the Iota Kappa Omicron society, was founded in 1847. It is the oldest all-female collegiate society in the continental United States. The sorority motto is Strong in Love, Firm in Right. It is the sister organization to Phi Alpha Pi.

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