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Women's Board

The Women’s Board of Olivet College’s (WBOC) mission is to serve the best interest of Olivet College and to empower students to achieve their educational goals.

In 1859, a group of women gathered to lend support and encouragement to a new, private, non-profit liberal arts college, based on the principle that all who wanted a college education deserved the chance to earn one. The women began holding fundraisers used to support the College in varied ways, from helping the College meet payroll to funding students’ education. Along the way, many women made sacrifices and gave freely of their time and talent to see Olivet College become what it is today, a four-year college that encourages students to learn and explore their full potential.

WBOC welcomes like-minded women to join the cause and help Olivet College students Be More and Do Good.


Membership dues and donations help support Women’s Board of Olivet College Scholarships, awarded to students each year.


The WBOC also welcomes donations of any amount.

Thank you for your support of the Women’s Board of Olivet College!

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